Securely Executing e-Contracts

in International Commercial Trade


Companies around the world are rapidly digitizing their business processes to enable global e-commerce and to optimize its benefits.


The success of e-commerce depends on the ability to execute legally binding transactions online. In cross-border e-commerce, businesses have to face certain restrictions including issues that arise from the laws governing the validity of electronic signatures or the formation and enforceability of electronic contracts.


For instance, even though most countries recognize the legal validity of e-contracts and e-signatures, there remain some restrictions in the types of electronic signatures supported by the law, as well as some exceptions for the types of documents for which an ink signature is still required.


The purpose of this consulting service is to help our clients and prospects to make legally enforceable e-contracts in the international B2B space. If you feel that the job of making legal compliance in cross-border B2B e-Contracts should be handled by our legal team, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime with questions on how we can assist you. Your investment will pay off in reduced costs, improved efficiency, better document integrity, and a broader market. 

e-Contracts Vs. Traditional Contracts in Global Trade

Except for the standard click-wrap agreements entered into in B2B online stores and e-marketplaces, other forms of contracts (i. e. bespoke/ custom/ non-standard contracts) are mostly signed manually on paper or by affixing a graphical (digitized) signature to an electronic document and exchanged beween the parties by fax or as scanned email attachments. In compliance with the governing law of each contract, this process can be further streamlined and secured by adopting an electronic signature solution on a secure platform like Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, Adobe Sign, DocuSign.


For more information on electronic / digital signatures and their application, please visit the FAQ page.

Benefits of a legally-binding e-Contract solution include:

  • Secure access to new markets 

  • Enhanced trade connections, global sales revenue & market share

  • Protection of transactions taking place in electronic environments including B2B product advertising portals 

  • Mitigation of risks by efficiently implementing contractual and regulatory compliance

  • Realizing cost benefits by reducing or eliminating the manual operation of contracts

  • Improved supplier-customer relationships

  • Operational efficiency & profitability

e-Contract templates 

For the benefit of international trading corporates, our global network of legal consultants have developed a set of e-Contract templates that are mostly used in international commercial (B2B) transactions of sale, distribution, manufacture and/or supply of goods intended for re-sale. 

For more information, please visit the e-Contract Templates Download page.